Springfix AG, Industriestrasse 22, CH-5610 Wohlen
Telephone +41 56 618 76 76, Fax +41 56 618 76 77
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Welcome to Springfix!

Springfix stands for modern forming technology and machining in large and medium volume production. We supply parts to component suppliers to the automobile, building equipment and electrical industries world-wide. We react flexibly and quickly to our customers’ requests. We view ourselves as being in a dynamic process in which products and services are continuously being developed and improved. Our understanding of "Swiss made" goes far beyond technical reliability.

Immerse yourself in our world of innovative stamping and forming technology and assure yourself of our experience and capabilities.

News from Springfix:

BlechExpo 2017: Completely successful

Our presence at the Stuttgart BlechExpo, the leading international trade fair for sheet metal processing and stamping technology, ...

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